Move out/in Cleaning Service

Moving is stressful

You have to pack up, hire movers, sign papers, and make sure the home you’re leaving is clean. We can help with the last part!
Cleaning Expectation
  • We will clean windows inside and out, window sills; blinds, ceiling fans; lamps; balconies and garages will be swept and washed.
  • Kitchen area: refrigerator inside and outside, oven in-and-out, microwave, stove, cabinets in and out, counter tops, sinks disinfected and cleaned, and floor cleaning.
  • Bathrooms areas: clean and disinfect toilets and sinks, wash shower and tub, cabinets, mirrors and floor cleaning. The laundry room area will also be cleaned, vacuuming the whole apartment.

We bring everything !!
We always bring our own professional cleaning products and equipment every time. If your establishment has equipment on hand, we will use it as needed.